About Us

 (Christian Montgomery, CMO, Anna Harris, Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Fisher, Co-Founder and President)
Our roots stem from Leeds Business School at CU Boulder, where we joined together as a group of like minded individuals looking to succeed as entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping people. One day, our founder, Justin, was in the shower and came up with a way to encompass our collective interests into a workable idea that got us fired up: a lifestyle brand that would not only stand for comfort and style, but would function as a platform to give back to the world. After a few late night brainstorming sessions, Sholdr.™, a company dedicated to helping you “Find Your Flow”, was created.

Finding Your Flow means living your best life through mental health enlightenment, a “glass half full” mentality, and manifesting love and kindness for others. At Sholdr.™, our goal is to help individuals embrace this philosophy by not only feeling comfortable in their clothing, but within themselves.

Overall, we are an  Active Lifestyle Brand for Mental Empowerment. Our goal is to supply comfortable and high quality clothing to the public, while supporting a cause that we believe in to make the world a better place. This vitally important topic is that of Mental Health Awareness. As we continue to release new collections, we will be working collaboratively with non-profits and charities that share our ideals and values. Currently we are partnered with The Headstrong Project to help provide mental health resources to our soldiers, veterans, and their families.

Lean on Sholdr. - together we got this!