Giving Back

Sholdr.™ wanted to work with charitable organizations to truly see the impact we can make, firsthand. Living this philosophy, Sholdr.™ has committed to donate a portion of our proceeds to mental health awareness and ocean recovery. We plan to organize multiple campaigns to ensure we are helping as many people, places, and animals as possible. Both causes have deeply rooted meaning in our lives and have helped make us the people we are today.
Being a human, life constantly has its ups and downs. Sometimes, we get to a point where the downs feel darker than ever. With the stigma surrounding mental health in our society today, many people, often men, feel ostracized from the world when they reach these dark places. They feel as if they have no where to go, no one to talk to, and nothing to live for. Sholdr.™ is here to remind us all:
It is time to step up, for ourselves and the people we love, spread awareness, and most importantly:
Sholdr.™ Everyday Collection - In Honor of Lance Corporal Peter R. Knobel
1999 - 2022
Peter R. Knobel was a Soldier. He was a Hero. He was a Brother. He was a Son. He was a Friend. He was Family. But most importantly, Peter was Human.
This first Sholdr.™ drop is dedicated to everything Peter represents: A selfless, hard-working, sophisticated, fun-loving, empathetic, altruistic and beautiful human, taken too soon from a world too scared to talk.
100% of our Donations will be directed to the Headstrong Project.
Rest in Perfect Peace, Peter. You are forever by our side.